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SECUTECH – Sustainability

A more sustainable production to keep our environment cleaner for the next generation. SECUTECH oriented to the green economy.

In SECUTECH we share a common idea: a new concept of a more sustainable production is possible. For this reason we have adopted some solutions and “pro active” best practices to deliver a better place to the next generation.

Green Production, Green Energy

On the roof of our company we have installed a brand new photovoltaic system, in order to implement a more rational use of the energy required for the production. The main goal of this important investment is to minimize the energy consumption and hence leave a good green footprint, to make our contribution for the preservation of the area where we are working together.

We use ecological lubricants

Each actuator produced by SECUTECH uses a system of permanent lubrication with special ecological biodegradable oils to which the European Community has recently awarded with quality mark “EU Ecolabel” because they contain a substantial amount of material based on natural and non-fossil fuels.

The issue of common lubricating oils is their final disposal. They are particularly toxic and harmful and can pollute groundwater if improperly dispersed.

The use of oils certified Ecolabel helps to reduce soil pollution and the emission of CO2

We have reduced carton and paper consumption

Limit paper and cardboard consumption for less impact on the final costs and help minimize waste disposal. Another step in order to be responsible and proactive.


“A company is considered sustainable when it is not limited to only pursue the goal of profit, but bases its activities on social, ethical and environmental …”